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Walk-ins are welcome every day whether you are solo or with a group of your friends. We do alot of private events so check availabilty before hand. Click ENGAGE NOW to book your spot.

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Party Services

Whether you are planning a birthday party or looking for

intense competitions, we can accommodate all types of groups.

Group Discounts

Party Area Rental

Team Building Exercises

What Our Customers Are Saying

Excellent owners and great experience. The owners are extremely knowledgable about their equipment and were very thorough in answering any questions our little ones had. Most important of all though, it was a very fun experience for all of us (including the adults!). We will definitely be repeat customers. Highly recommended.”

Justin Copeland

One of the best places to go have fun at in yakima. Great people run it and they go out of there way to make it a great experience. Took one of are kids there for his birthday and invited a bunch of friends and family, had the best time. Took pizza had a nice place to set and eat before and after all the fun.”

Randon Hodges

Great Staff, Great environment!

This is completely different than your traditional laser tag. This brings a whole new feel to the game of laser tag!

Highly recommended and will be returning!


Branden Goodrich


The most realistic and versatile gaming system

Our arsenal and gaming props are made from weapon grade plastics that imitate their real firearm counterparts. We keep track of every shot, hit, elimination... every statistic you can think of. Find your Mission Stats and individual achievements right on our website. 

Battle Rifles

Sub-Machine Guns



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