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About Us

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Tactical Tag LLC is owned and operated by Kris and Melissa Froehlich. Growing up in the Yakima Valley they would constantly ask each other what they felt like doing; since there isn't much to do in Yakima (a phrase heard all too often) they would usually end up going and watching the latest release at one of the local movie theatres The Majestic or Yakima Cinema. As Kris and Melissa got older and eventually married they would still find themselves having almost the exact same conversation but wanting to do something else besides watch movies. Though they do not have any kids of their own they have always felt they wanted to do something positive and safe for the youth in the community. After driving to the Spokane area to spend a fun weekend at Silverwood with Melissa's family, Kris talked everyone in to having some fun at Laserquest, a Spokane based laser tag facility.  A few weeks later an opportunity presented itself with a perfect building for an extravagant laser tag arena in the heart of Downtown Yakima. Kris and Melissa went to work to make this opportunity a reality. 

With a 7000+ square foot multi-level laser tag arena housed in a 15000+ square foot building, Tactical Tag LLC is a great option for birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family gatherings, corporate team building exercises, or just getting together with close friends to reinact their favorite video game and blow off some steam. Our facility is fun and safe enough for a 5 year old to play while being exciting and challenging enough for even the most seasoned players to enjoy the game. Just make sure to keep an eye on our "Engagement Opportunities" scheduling/booking page so you know which scenarios we are running at the time of your planned visit, and whether or not they are appropriate for your skill and age level. 


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